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Operation Round-Up®

Henry County REMC Operation Round-Up® Community Fund


When HCREMC was founded in 1936, people joined together to build their own electric system because private power companies did not serve the rural areas. Neighbors were willing to help neighbors in order to provide the communities with a much-needed resource. Beginning August 2013, HCREMC implemented a program that continues this principle of working together. The program is called Operation Round-Up® and is designed to help co-op members reach out to worthy causes in their communities.


This voluntary program is simple. Each month participating members allow HCREMC to "round up" their electric bills to the next whole dollar. For example, a bill for $63.75 would be rounded up to $64 and the $.25 cents would be donated to the program. Annually, the average participating member contributes approximately $6 to the program. Click here for brochure.


How do I participate?

The program is voluntary. If members wish to participate in Operation Round-Up they do not need to do a thing. Contributions are automatically included in future bills. However, if a member does NOT wish to participate, please click here to opt-out. We realize that not everyone will be able to or have the desire to participate in this program. Any member who decides not to participate and changes their mind, may sign up again by calling the REMC office at 1-800-248-8413 or email us at


Operation Round-Up® Committee

The Operation Round-Up® fund is administered by a five-member committee who serves on a voluntary basis. The committee looks to address needs for food, shelter, clothing, education and other vital community services. The committee meet at least four times a year to distribute funds based on applications and the funds available. The committee includes:

  • Rebecca Gonya, Chairman
  • Scott Lightfoot, Vice Chairman
  • Ed Shirey
  • James Fattic
  • Kelton Silver


Who can apply?

Non-profit groups in the community can apply. It is the responsibility of the Operation Round-Up Committee to evaluate applications and distribute the funds according to the programs bylaws. Application forms are available at the HCREMC office or can be downloaded here:

Application deadlines are the first Monday in January, April, July and October. 


What are possible uses of the funds?

Contributions and investments of Operation Round-Up funds may be made to non-profit organizations, schools and community groups that improve our community, support job creation, enhance the quality of life or support those in need of help with food, clothing, shelter, health issues and other basic life needs.

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