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Appendix B




Terms of Payment
Bills for service rendered under these schedules shall be due and payable monthly. If paid within seventeen (17) days from the mailing date thereof, the net bill shall be the amount to be paid. In the event the current monthly bill is not paid within seventeen (17) days from the mailing date, a late payment charge of 10 percent (10%) on the first $3.00 plus a charge of 3 percent (3%) in excess of the first $3.00 will be added to the net bill.


Disconnect for Non-Payment Option
When it is necessary for the REMC to disconnect a service for non-payment of a bill, the REMC may in lieu of disconnecting the service install a current limiting device.


Non-Permanent Charges
Members who request electric service that is non-permanent in nature shall be charged a fee based on the following schedule:

Request for electric service for less than:

  • Thirty (30) days - Three Hundred Dollars ($300)
  • One hundred twenty days (120) - Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250)
  • Less than twelve (12) months and more than four (4) months - Two Hundred Dollars ($200)

When the member does not have a separate permanent service the utility will charge a deposit of estimated usage with the amount not used refundable within forty-five (45) days after service is disconnected.

Reconnection Charge
Whenever a service has been disconnected for any reason, payment of a standard service charge will be a condition for reconnection. The TOTAL amount due will include all amounts in arrears, current amount due, plus the reconnect fee. The TOTAL amount due is required to be paid before electrical service is reconnected. Reconnect fees are:

  • $75 - if payment is received by HCREMC prior to 3 p.m.
  • $150 - if payment is received by HCREMC between 3 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. and a service reconnect is requested for that evening or on a Saturday.
  • $200 - if payment is received by HCREMC and a service reconnect is requested on a Sunday or holiday.

Insufficient Funds
When a check received in payment of a member’s account is returned unpaid by the bank for any reason (not the fault of the REMC), the member shall be assessed a handling charge of Twenty Five Dollars ($25) for each check returned by the bank.


Unprepared Charge
When a member requests or agrees to have work completed on a specific day and time and the work cannot be accomplished because the work location was not prepared or ready for such work, the REMC will charge the customer Seventy Dollars ($70) for an unprepared service trip if made during regular working hours. The charge will be One Hundred Twenty-five Dollars ($125) if the work is scheduled to be done other than regular work hours and Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250) if the work is scheduled for Sunday or on a holiday.

Collection Charge
In the event that the REMC deems it necessary to send an employee to the premises of any Member with a delinquent account or returned check to collect or attempt to collect such amount, the member shall be charged a Fifty Dollar ($50) fee for each visit.

Customer Requested Meter Test Fee
The REMC will test the accuracy of registration of a meter upon written request by a member at no charge. A second test on the meter may be requested after twelve (12) months. If the member requests a test within thirty-six (36) months of a previous requested test a charge of Fifty Dollars ($50) will be charged if the test can be conducted by an REMC employee or the actual cost of the test if it must be conducted by a third party.

Member Fault
When the REMC is required to respond to a reported outage and the repair of that outage is found to be the responsibility of the member and not the REMC, a Thirty-five Dollar ($35) charge will be added to the customer's bill if the repair is done during regular working hours. A Fifty Dollar ($50) charge will be added to the customer's bill if the work is done after regular working hours and a One Hundred Dollar ($100) charge will be added for work done on Sunday or on a holiday.

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